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Cancer Supportive & Survivorship Care
Fifth Dimension Care
educational information to complement surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and improve suvivorship.

Fatigue is the most common symptom associated with cancer and cancer treatment. For many patients, fatigue can have a profound negative effect on quality of lives. It can impact one's sense of well being, ability to perform daily activities, relationships with family and friends, ability to cope with the illness as well as withstand the treatment. The cause of cancer related fatigue is not fully known or understood. A variety of factors are believed to contribute to fatigue. Problems like cancer, cancer treatment, low blood counts, sleep disruption, stress, poor nutrition, inactivity and medications may all contribute to fatigue.

The fatigue experienced as a side effect of cancer or cancer treatment is different from the universal sensation of fatigue that everybody experiences. Fatigue can affect the way you think as well as how you feel. You may need more sleep. You may have trouble paying attention when reading, watching television, even talking with family members. You may find that you are not able to do all of the activities you did before your cancer treatment. Site Map   |  Topics of Interest

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