The Fifth Dimension Therapy
Cancer Supportive & Survivorship Care

Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD, Isadora Rosenbaum, MA, Alexandra Andrews and David Spiegel, MD

Once a person has been given a diagnosis of cancer, supportive care becomes what is now being known as the fifth dimension of oncology multimodality therapy - surgery, radiation therapy, medical oncology therapy (chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy).

Cancer patients face an uncertain future with potential problems and fears related to medical situations, such as side effects from therapy, the loss of control over their lives, and physical and mental function. There is a need to compensate for the deconditioning and debilitating process following surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy through active programs, often aided by integrative medical therapy.

The goals and vision of the Cancer Supportive Care website:
1. To reduce the morbidity and toxicity of the disease and cancer therapy, and improve the general physical and mental health.
2. To improve the quality of life for newly diagnosed cancer patients on therapy, as well as promote long-term survivorship.
3. To expand currently available supportive care modalities that will include reviews of screening, detection, diagnosis, treatment, as well as complementary programs for knowledge about comorbitities with mind-body, nutrition, exercise, sexuality, and general supportive care website modules for cancer-specific problems.
4. Provide information on promotion of better health and improved survival through diet, exercise and supportive care recommendations.

Recent advances in the treatment of many cancers have proven very effective, cancer patients are living longer, and thus it has become a chronic disease. When you are living with chronic disease or one that is metastatic and/or terminal, you need a total supportive care program to help cope and combat fatigue, maintain the highest possible mental and emotional status, and physical well being.

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