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Fifth Dimension Table of Contents

Cancer Supportive Care Program Implementation Guide
Developed at the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine
Stanford University Hospital and Clinics

Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD, Holly Gautier, RN, BSN, Pat Fobair, LCSW and David Spiegel, MD

A Guide To The Cancer Supportive Programs For Patients, Families and Friends

The Cancer Supportive Program - A Model for Developing Integrated Patient-Centered Care

Checklist To Implement The Cancer Supportive Care Program

Developing a free supportive care program for cancer patients within an integrative medicine clinic

Educational and Information Resources

Implement The Cancer Supportive Care Program

Introductory Letter to the Cancer Supportive Care Program

Participating Cancer Supportive Care Centers

The Role Of Cancer Supportive Care In Enhancing Quality of Life

Sample Lecture Series

Sample Promotional Letters

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First appeared April 28, 2007; updated July 22, 2014