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Inner Fire: Your Will to Live
Stories of Courage, Hope, and Determination
Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD and Isadora R. Rosenbaum, MA

The will to live is in both your heart and your mind.

Inner Fire

Section 1 - To Climb A Mountain
Introduction - Climb A Mountain
Expedition Inspiration
To Call Forth That Spark

Section 2 - Unfinished Business
Introduction - Unfinished Business
Each Day Really Is a Miracle

Arms To Short to Box with God
I Don't Have Time Not to Live

Section 3 - Putting On The Boxing Gloves
Introduction - Putting On The Boxing Gloves
A Broken Window Every Day

Realize What Is Important
A Tough Old Bird
I Live a Disease-Threatening Life

Section 4 - The Power Of Love: Family And Friends
Introduction - The Power Of Love: Family And Friends
A Cup of Breath

One in a Million
A Buddy and a Group
Still in the Ball Game

Section 5 - A Positive Attitude
Introduction - A Positive Attitude
To Have Ever Lived at All!
The Scent of an Orange

Live Life to the Fullest
In Touch with My Dream
Recharging My Batteries
An Inner Fire

The Will to Live

To those who have dedicated their lives to relieving human suffering, including the dedicated, skilled, and highly proficient physicians, nurses, and staff at the UCSF/Mount Zion Intensive Care Unit, who saved my life in the summer of 1995.
And to the contributors to this book, who exemplify the Will To Live

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First appeared November 25, 2006; updated June 14, 2009