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Supportive Home Care
Alexandra Andrews

RA644.R39.1 - Prevention of Infections For Caregivers and Patients
Ernest H Rosenbaum, MD
Hand washing is the gold standard, and anything less is considered inadequate to help prevent patients from acquiring dangerous and possibly lethal transmitted infections.
First appeared 2006-05-07
RA645.3.R39.1 - Before Hospital Discharge -- Evaluating Your Homecare Needs
Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD, Isadora R. Rosenbaum, MA, Diane Craig, RN, ONC, BSHS, and Carol S. Viele, RN, MS
Discharge from the hospital represents a crucial move and a progressive step in your rehabilitation. Many patients become more alert and better oriented after returning home. You will need to participate in planning your home care by providing information regarding the physical setup at your home - stairs, bathroom facilities - the availability of people to help you and whether special equipment can be accomodated.
First appeared 2008-06-26
RA645.3.R39.2 - Going Home from the Hospital
Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD, Irene Harrison, LCSW, Joan Keane, BSN, Barbara Penney, PHN, MS, and Harold Brownstein, MD
Going home from the hospital is an emotional experience. Illness touches off old thoughts, feelings and fears and creates disruptions. Planning ahead can improve the quality of life at home, reduce fear, and enhance the confidence of families, friends, and patients. Those who are most involved in their hospital plan of care will make the easiest transition to home care.
First appeared 2008-11-17

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