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RK - Dental Pharmacology

Alexandra Andrews

RK701.E94.1 - Smile: Protect Your Mouth
Rosemary Elliott-Snow, RDH
It is very important that the oncology and dental teams work together to maintain optimal health before, during and following therapy. Preexisting or undetected oral disease may cause more complication in your overall health.
First appeared 2001-12-21; updated 2011-08-07
RK701.R39.1 - Dental Health and Cancer Survivors
Ernest H Rosenbaum, MD
Dental health during and after cancer therapy is important. Common infections of the teeth and gums may become dangerous health hazards. Radiation, high-dose chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant and medications affect parts of the body not directly associated with the specific disease. Treatment may cause ulcerations, pain and injury to the mouth.
First appeared 2009-09-09; reviewed 2011-08-07

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