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You Are Not Alone A Practical Guide for Maintaining Your Quality of Life While Living with Cancer You're Not Alone

Knowledge Is Power - YANA

Introduction - YANA

Living with Cancer
Good Medical Care

Knowledge about your type and grade of cancer, the treatment alternatives, and the proper supportive care is essential. It will allow you to make informed decisions, to anticipate potential problems, and to feel a sense of control over your life.

Your physician will be one of your primary sources of information. It can be difficult, however, to fully absorb all of the details that you might discuss in the course of a consultation with your doctor. It may be helpful to request permission to tape record these discussions, or to ask a friend or relative to accompany you and take notes. This will enable you to thoroughly review the information at a later time.

Other sources of information include the medical libraries or cancer resource centers that most major hospitals or institutions maintain for their patients. They typically have the latest books and publications. Most of these centers also issue newsletters with up-to-date articles on medical therapy and coping techniques. They also have lectures on supportive care, offer individual and group support sessions, and conduct classes on pertinent subjects. We also suggest that you check out the internet. (See Internet Links)

Support begins with knowledge:
- Tap into your inner resources; you are stronger than you think.

- Seek support from your medical team, family and friends, and other cancer survivors.

- Determine how to enhance your will to live and quality of life.

- Make an effort to learn about your illness (through information on the Internet, library books, survivors, support groups, doctors) and how it may have an impact on your life.

- Set short-term goals to attain emotional satisfaction and peace of mind. Often the confrontation of death allows one to appreciate the true meaning of life.

- Seek ways to cope with or to overcome physical, emotional, and financial obstacles presented by the disease and the side effects of treatment. There are always people you can turn to for help.

Introduction - YANA

Knowledge Is Power
Good Medical Care

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